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Our mission

The bees live as they naturally would and their benefits reach more people. Our goal is to raise San Diego’s bee population throughout the city and at the same time spread awareness among the community.

Our hope is that these backyard hives will facilitate a dialogue among neighbours, friends, family and the community at large about the huge importance of bees.



Our products

Check out our online shop for cute bee-themed apparel, unique bee suits, educational tools, gift certificates and more.

“The first step to becoming a successful beekeeper is to learn as much as you can about the bees themselves. Beehives require management and good stewardship, which take time.”
Anna Moribaldi honey lover
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Julia Klein Biologist

Our Gallery

Mellifera is a true beehive of activity! Check out the latest news and events in our image gallery and see for yourself.

Our Jewelry

Learn more about some of the custom hand-made products we take special pride in.



We produce many different types and styles of earrings, all hand-made and all unique.



Our necklaces are often times inspired by the earrings we make but always custom made.


Like our earrings and necklaces, our bracelets are custom, hand-made pieces. As unique as the person who wears it.



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